You will need: Python 2.6 or 2.7 (earlier versions may work but are untested) and a server set up for running Python in CGI. If you wish to use MySQL, you will need the MySQLdb module for Python and a running MySQL server.


The API is best understood by looking at the server source code, which contains docstrings for each API method describing the expected parameters and available responses.

The basic functions are register to register an account, get_sid to request a session ID for use in setting/retrieving read statuses, and set_read and get_read for setting and retrieving the last-read tweet IDs respectively. The latter methods use SHA1 hashes of the SID, password, method and parameters for security, which should be passed hex encoded. Note that the password is stored in the database and used as sent in register; you may wish to hash the password before sending it.

Responses are returned in JSON with the following format:

{ "synchronal": { "code": int, data: val } }

"code" is a status code indicating success or error conditions for the request. data is provided for certain methods which return information; see the code for the name and contents of this item if provided.