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A cross-platform Twitter client which shares read status between devices.

Synchronal Server

A server for storing Twitter feed read status.

Amarok LiveUSB

A LiveCD/LiveUSB image for the Amarok media player.

Album Art Wallpaper

Generate wallpaper images from album art in your music collection.

Amarok 2 Now Playing

A script for printing "now playing" information for Amarok 2 in IRC clients.

Audio Transcoder

A Python script for batch transcoding of audio files.


Python library and script for handling Amazon MP3 .amz files.

Pastebin Script

A simple Python script for uploading to Pastebin.


Quickly clean up MediaWiki spam.


A simple, configurable alarm script.

Amarok Album Art Extractor

Extract the album art stored in an Amarok database.

Old Stuff

Old, neglected things.

Physics - An introduction to some mechanics for programmers.

Equations - A list of equations of basic mechanics.